Cum Covered Whore

My boyfriend had always had a fantasy about him and some other guys doing a gang bang on me and he asked me if I’d be willing to try it. I knew all the guys involved, friends of his, and he said it would turn him on more than anything watching me get fucked by several guys and covered with their cum. Dripping from my pussy, my ass, sprayed all over my tits, dripping out the sides of my mouth, the works. I said I’d think about it and let him know. I thought about it for a few weeks and finally decided it was one night, it would really make him happy, so why not, let’s do this.

We all got together in our home, making me feel a bit more comfortable and relaxed. There was four guys, my boyfriend and three of his friends and we were all nude in our bedroom and they fucked me one after the other, filling me with load after load of hot sperm until it dripped down the crack in my ass and made a wet spot on the sheets. I was filled with cock all night, sucking them, giving titty fucks, I was even fucked in the ass.

I have never felt like such a slut in my entire life, but I reveled in it and my boyfriend was never so turned on in his life to see me being used that way over and over. I had a long, hot shower after the evening of debauchery was over, and I was glad I did it. I never felt so much like a woman, it was a bit indescribable. I don’t think he’d ask me to do it again, it seemed like more of a one time thing, but it was an experience to remember for certain.

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