Mr. Ed – An Unlikely Sex Symbol

People’s desires often get the better of them, even to the point of death. There was a case a few years back about a man and a horse. The man died from a punctured colon from allowing the horse to fuck him up the ass.

Well, can we really have much sympathy for one in this scenario? Really???? Imagine your entire life being overlooked no matter how good a person you were. Every time someone ever heard your name again, they would think of the bizarre death. “Oh, him, yes. He died because of the horse sex.” What a way to go.

There was a caller the other week that said he was getting turned on by watching the horses in the field. I told him I didn’t talk about those things, so he dropped it, but there are obviously ones putting poor Mr. Ed to nefarious purposes. The two most common animals for bestiality are dogs and horses. Both animals with a very long history of being close to man and being in service to them.

Yes, people love their animals, but do we really need to make that love sexual? Does that closeness really need to take that extra turn? Are we really so desperate and lonely we think one day, “Today I am going allow my horse to fuck me. I may very well be taking my life in my hand’s to do so, but by God, I want to see what it’s like!”

People never cease to amaze me with their craziness and stupidity. Horses are noble animals, I can’t imagine they want to take part is such activities with people looking to satisfy their own base desires.

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