Mummified Foot Man

The BDSM mummification is really quite disturbing, for ones with even a shred of claustrophobia, it’s beyond terrifying. The other night a caller was into this fetish and wanted to be tightly wrapped in blankets, though that’s not as disturbing as the ones that wish to be wrapped in duct tape or bandages, but he wanted his cock expose and his face, and he wanted women with smelly feet to rub their feet all over his face and of course since he was wrapped up like a mummy, there was no escape.

The smellier the better, all over his nose and mouth. His cock was exposed since he then wanted his cock and balls to be repeatedly struck with a wooden spoon. He seemed to have three different fetishes going on in this call, with the feet, mummification and cock and ball torture. No one said sexual arousal had to make sense, and it’s a good thing, since it seldom seems to when you talk with the callers and learn all the kinky things they are into.

Smelly feet seem to be a very popular fetish, usually it’s only ever a few days between someone that wants to talk about that topic. Odd how the smell of something that would make a person normally gag would prove to be so sexually appealing to others. They speak of not washing for days, walking around outside in your bare feet, drinking the foot bath water after you wash them, just all kinds of nasty, gross things and this is what gets them off as they masturbate.

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