Peeing On G.I. Joe

Just when you think you have heard every weird thing out there, another guy tells you something new. This caller asked if I’d ever had those little green plastic solider G.I. Joe toys as a kid and I said there had been some floating around at one point. Then he said he likes to take those tiny army men and get this, go into public women’s bathrooms and dump some in the toilet and think of the women peeing on them. I really didn’t know what to say to that.

All I could think of was potential plumbing disaster from flushing something that would not break up and clog the pipes. He wanted to know what I’d do if I walked into a bathroom stall and saw them in the toilet, I said I’d go into another stall. Then he said he snuck in and dropped around 20 of them in a toilet at the mall, I couldn’t believe my ears thinking he imagined some women going in, seeing them and going pee as she’d expected to then they would get flushed. It was all quite bizarre.

He wouldn’t be witnessing it, or spying on them, just the idea of it happening was what got him going. He didn’t seem to care for my more practical concern of plumbing disasters and seemed to want me to say oh yes, I’d piss on those soldiers, alright. LOL. I’m not quite sure if he has a grudge against the military, or where this odd fixation comes from, but it certainly stands out among calls I’ve had. Men have mentioned Barbie dolls a few times and even stuffed toys they are rubbing themselves with, but little green army men is a first for sure.

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