BBW Dream Girl

Some might find it hard to believe, but some guys actually prefer BBW’s, which for those of you not in the know, means “Big, Beautiful, Woman.” Now curvy gals aren’t for everyone, no one is, but lots of guys love the more cushion to the pushin’ of fucking a bigger girl. They can really give those pussies a pounding and not have to worry about breaking them like a lot of smaller, boney girls without much meat on their bones. Many say bigger women are more lusty, passionate lovers. Big appetites in all areas, food, sex, an over all earthy personality and easier going than many thinner girls.

Being with a bigger girl can be a big turn on for a guy, so many callers will relate experiences they have had with BBW’s in the past and say it was great sex, and many have confided that bigger girls have tighter pussies, which many nurses and gynecologist’s will confirm, the fat is pressing inward, making them seem much more tight than an average sized woman, this is well known among men that prefer larger women, they will feel extra tight, which of course is always a good thing when it comes to fucking.

Bigger breasts on most plus sized women can be an added bonus for lots of guys that are quite breast obsessed and that love titty fucks. Having your dick nestled in between those big, fat tits can make them want to shoot their load all over them. Doggy position can bring that big, fat ass into view and encourage a good, sound spanking, which many women love and welcome. So if you haven’t tried a BBW, why not see what you’ve been missing, they can be awfully cuddly.

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