Fanny Punishment

One of my callers likes what he calls, “Fanny Punishment.” He likes to imagine he’s at an all boys school and the school nurse makes the rounds every few nights in the boys dormitory to both take temperatures and sometimes administer spankings. Occasionally if she feels they need a release, there’s an electric anal probe that’s inserted to induce a prostate orgasm. Sometimes fingers are inserted first, gloved and lubed, and then the probe. If they have misbehaved in anyway, the probe will be turned on and it’s got a dial from one to ten, and the worse they have behaved, the higher the dial is turned up, hence the fanny punishment.

The moans that ensue when the spanking is administered are loud and haunting. They have been naughty teenaged boys after all, masturbating in their beds once the lights go out, so there needs to be some punishment doled out by the nurse once such activities are discovered. Only she will determine when a release is actually required, they are not allowed to do it on their own.

Schools, nurses, punishments, spankings and anal examinations and probes and yes, even temperature taking can all be fairly common elements in men’s fantasies. Not something one would think is as common as it is, but we do hear it quite a bit. The younger, horny man, who’s desires will be met by a more knowledgeable older woman, and only on her terms. Controlled orgasms are popular among the masturbators, they like relinquishing that control to another, it can produce a much more powerful orgasm.

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