Study Time

I used to work in a school library for a while and many of the times I’d dress provocatively to give the male students a thrill, all the while having my hair pinned up and glasses on, but sexy lingerie under my conservative clothes, but I’d be sure and bend over to give them a peek, or climb the ladder up to the books on the higher shelves so they could look up my skirt, it was fun to tease the young lads. One boy in particular used to catch my eye and once when he checked a book out, I slipped my info on a small piece of paper into the book so he’d be sure to find it. It had my phone number and email address on it.

It really was naughty I guess to be so forward but I knew I’d be hearing from him, and I did, later that night, he called me and asked me why I’d slipped the number into the book and I said because I wanted him to contact me and he said I’d always made him hard when he saw me walking in the library and he knew I had sex lingerie on under my clothes, he’d caught glimpses of it before. The conversation got hotter, and I asked him if he was hard right now. He replied he was.

I told him to move his hand down to his pants and stroke his young dick through his pants and that I was going to touch my pussy at the same time and he was breathing really hard. I stripped down and rubbed my juicy pussy as this young boy was stroking his rock hard cock for me. It was such a turn on. He said he wanted to fuck me for real and I said all in good time my boy, all in good time. We had phone sex every night for weeks before we finally met and fucked for real, he was one red hot lover, let me tell you.

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