Domestic Disturbance

The neighborhood I live in is pretty quiet, there’s not much that goes on and there’s a few old busybodies that like to get involved where they shouldn’t. I’m normally a quiet sort that keeps to myself, but a cousin of mine stopped in and he was a bit drunk and yelling about a fight he had with his girlfriend and one of my neighbors got upset and was concerned he was a threat to me and they called the police. I’d already sent my cousin home by the time the cop arrived and he came to my door wanting to know what the trouble was.

I explained there was nothing to be alarmed about, a cousin had visited in a bad mood and was yelling and the neighbor was worried it was directed at me. He laughed and said some neighbors need to mind their own business and I agreed. He was a very sexy looking cop and he saw me looking at him and he asked if I was home alone now and I said yes and he was just on his way home, I was his last call of the night. I asked if he’d like to stay for a few minutes and have an iced tea and he accepted and sat down.

I always had a thing for a man in uniform and he picked up on that and within ten minutes he was fucking me right there on the kitchen table. If only the neighbors knew. He was a rough fuck a little bit, but I liked it, he was hard and muscular and hit the right spot as he pounded me and I grabbed at him and wrapped my legs around him tightly. I came explosively and he shot his load inside of me. He asked if I’d like to see him again and I said yes, I expect to hear from him soon.

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