Risky Sex With Strangers

One of my callers that regularly sleeps with escorts of both sexes said he recently picked up a streetwalker and had unprotected sex with her. He feels his risk of getting HIV is low. I laughed and said for him to ask his wife how she feels about that. Some men love the risk, the thrill, of unprotected sex with strangers, it gets them aroused like nothing else. The fact they are also sneaking around is even more of a turn on for them, but cumming inside a stranger is the ultimate for some.

Do you pick up strangers and have unprotected sex with them, and ones of either sex, because sadly a lot of callers do and then like to confess about it and how much it turns them on. Maybe some are just fantasizing about it, but enough mention it that it tends to make you think it’s really happening for some of them for certain. Risk of getting caught can be a thrill, but then you’ve got the law to worry about if you do, but the risk of contracting a fatal disease, hard to believe some are fine with that risk, yet many are, the it can’t happen to me crowd.

If more wives had sex with their husbands fewer guys would be seeking extra curricular activity elsewhere, but cold wives that hate sex don’t often think their denying hubby might lead to them going out and having risky sex and then putting themselves at risk, people just don’t think things through at times it seems.

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