Poo Poo In Your Pampers


This week I’ve been dealing with an adult baby, he loves to talk about mommy comforting him as he makes a big mess in his diapers, then having mommy change him and make him all clean and powdered again before the next mess. What makes a grown man become attracted to wearing diapers and then wetting or even worse, soiling them and then being cleaned up by a grown woman playing mommy to him? It’s a security issue, they wish to revert back to the carefree days of infancy when all their needs were met and they had no stress to speak of in their lives.

Most that have this ABDL fetish must carry it out alone and would be mortified if their wife or girlfriend found out because they know they would not be ok with it and therefore must hide it at all costs. There is a major ick factor to this fetish and not many partners would be ok with it. There are of course some women into it as well, and it could be suggested that men into it should find like minded women on forum boards where people that share this interest congregate online, but most men want a mommy figure, not another adult baby, so the chances of finding a mate ok with this is pretty slim.

They aren’t hurting anyone by indulging this fetish, but it can be an isolating fetish since most with it are pretty secretive about it and even feel deep shame at times but cannot seem to let it go, even when they’ve sought the help of a mental professional. So if wetting and shitting in adult diapers gets you hard as a rock and you want to masturbate to that, have at it.

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