Halloween Neighbor


Every year my neighborhood goes all out on Halloween decorations and has a contest as to who has the best display, it’s always very festive and creative. I went all out this year with hay bales, pumpkins, a scarecrow, headstones. I planned on winning this year. When the homeowners committee came around judging the houses for creativity, there was a very handsome man with a clipboard looking around and ticking things off and making notes. All the other judges went on to the other houses and I asked him to come inside for a drink of witches brew I’d made up, which he gratefully accepted.

I was looking him up and down practically wetting my lips at this man. I’d not told him there was vodka in the drink and you couldn’t taste it and he had a few helpings of it and was soon a little drunk. I felt wicked taking advantage of him, but didn’t think I’d need to fight him too much, and I certainly didn’t. I leaned over and kissed him and he kissed me back and pushed me back on the sofa we were sitting on and I certainly didn’t stop him. He said what delicious punch it was and how good e felt all of a sudden.

I started to remove his clothes and he was pulling of mine eagerly. I soon hand his cock in my hand, caressing it up and down and then spread my legs for him and was guiding it into my pussy and we were fucking right there and I;d only met him less than an hour ago, I was such a horny slut for his cock, but I couldn’t stop myself. We had a great fuck right there and after he left and went on to judge the other houses, I had a feeling I had his vote if nothing else.

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