I Saw Mommy Getting Fucked


This caller of mine was very upset about something, he told me when he was younger he’d come in one day after high school and heard something and he followed the noises and he saw through the crack in his mom’s door, she was fucking his worst enemy right in her bed. He was so shocked, so sickened, so horrified by what he saw, he couldn’t take it al in. This boy had beaten him up many times and caused him a great deal of emotional trauma, and her his mom was fucking his brains out in his own house.

He left at once since he didn’t want them to know he knew and he waited for the bully to leave, which he did around an hour later. He was quite torn up about this and it was only a few months later he left for college and he hardly had anything to do with his mother afterwards, though he never told her why. He was also aroused by watching her fuck, even just for those fleeting seconds before he silently crept out, unseen. He said he’d masturbated many times over the years to thoughts of her riding that boys cock and her tits bouncing up and down, he couldn’t stop himself.

He felt any and all women could betray him after this incident, if his own mother could fuck the boy that she knew had so hurt her own son, and he got into relationship after relationship with women that did betray him in one way or another. He masturbated a lot and had even found porn in this vein to watch and relive the horror he couldn’t seem to put behind him, there are so many men out there doing things like this, reliving trauma after trauma in one way or another.

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