Gimme Dat Big, Black Cock


Many women have the fantasy of trying out a lover of a different race, you know, to see if the old adage is really true about the black guys really having bigger cocks. Though I said recently to a small penis humiliation client something he found very funny. I said your dick is so small you wife could cuckold you with an Asian, he thought that was funny, and I guess it kind of was!

So many guys call up and ask about black men, as if I’d know, I do not. They assume all women crave a big, black cock, that it is so much better than what the small dicked white man can offer any woman. So many into he cuckold fantasies get into he other man, the bull, being black. Not always, but it’s certainly a popular theme. What other women desire I really cannot hazard a guess other than what I read about or ones tell me. So many men have penis size issues it seems an ever present thing in their minds about black men being superior in the bedroom. Especially if they’ve seen some naked in a locker room at the gym or something, they are now even more intimidated by the size thing.

Fantasies are for most people better left as fantasies, realizing them can often be disastrous, or illegal in many cases, so it’s best to leave some things in the mind and not bring them to life. For some size queens, it may be their ultimate dream, so go ahead, enjoy and indulge if that’s what makes you happy.

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