Sounds Of Pleasure

Girl with phone and laptop

Most people obviously think of masturbation as a solo activity, which it is. However it can be very much enhanced by including another person. How does one include another person in their self love routine? Well there’s a few different ways that ones can do this and have much more powerful, intense and emotionally satisfying orgasms than if you go it alone.

Phone sex is a wonderful way to jazz up your masturbation and include another person. If you have very specific fetishes and fantasies, a paid phone sex provider is likely your best bet to help you explore your fantasies. They will have the experience and know how to provide you with a tailored experience. It will be all about you and giving you the best possible masturbation session. If however you are seeking someone to join you and actually masturbate with you and enjoy orgasms together with, going to an online chat room and finding someone with similar fantasies and interests is likely what will really get you going, to hear another person as they are masturbating at the same time and be able to enjoy their moaning, breathing and their orgasm.

Sex sounds can be the next best thing to actual sex, the most natural. Watching porn is not natural and can desensitize you, listening to another person is in fact the most natural way and can be extremely arousing. The way their breath catches, the sounds they make, how their voice becomes softer and slower as they approach orgasm, the whole auditory experience is a fantastic one. Some people are into body rubbing sounds as well, some ladies get off on the wet sounds of a fist going up and down on a hard cock and many men also find the wet pussy sounds very hot as a woman is either fingering herself or using toys on her pussy. Explore the auditory pleasures that phone sex can bring to your masturbation and see how much better it is than alone.

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