Risky Sex


Some guys want a cuckold situation so much, they are willing to pay for it. Without even bothering to tell their woman. I was shocked when I heard recently of a guy that wanted to watch his girlfriend get fucked by other guys so badly, he told her he was having his “friends” come over to play with her, but he’d actually posted an ad on Craigslist and was taking money for it, without sharing this with his girlfriend. One of the guys that paid slipped up and told her and she was in horror and shock.

When some guys want something, nothing will deter them from getting it, no matter who might get hurt or be in danger, their libido takes precedence over all else. Ones that are posting ads for themselves on Craigslist, or going to glory holes and having random dangerous, unprotected sex with strangers, then going home to their wives and exposing them to lord knows what. I hear about this a lot more often than anyone would think, and it’s horrifying to think people are so selfish, yet it’s going on-a lot.

Horniness can often make common sense go out the window it seem and leave innocent victims in its wake. Many guys figure what they don’t know can’t hurt them, so go ahead and do as they want. Risk can be very exciting to some people, the riskier the better. It’s one thing to have sex outside where the neighbors might see you, another to expose someone to a fatal disease. Different kinds of risks for different people, I guess.

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