Gagging By Cock


One thing that always surprises me with its popularity is guys that are into the sounds of gagging when it comes to simulating oral sex for them over the phone. Most sound like near vomiting and I feel ridiculous doing it, yet if it’s what they want, I will make the noises they are craving. Now some are into vomiting, that is a fetish onto itself, but oral sex gagging sounds are asked for nearly daily by one guy or another.

One asked me to make an audio of gagging sounds, which I created by shoving a sex toy down my throat and felt insane doing so, but it was very popular and silly or not, breathing and moaning are not the sounds preferred by many guys. The ones that are feeling the need to make pussy licking sounds since they think it’s some sort of turn on, dear God, please don’t. I don’t think there’s a woman on the face of the earth that finds that sexy or appealing in any way shape or form. It literally causes US to gag! Women are not like men and not into some of the same things. Maybe somewhere out there some woman is, but most do not want to hear slurping sounds as if you’re swilling down a bowl of soup.

I don’t know what’s going on in these guys bedrooms that their women are making these kinds of sounds that they are getting aroused by, but if some guy was making me gag, it would be the last time he ever did. There’s nothing wrong with being submissive, but making someone feel and sound as if they are on the verge of vomiting, no thank you.

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