Nylons On Your Boyfriend

man in pantyhose

Now what doesn’t say “man” like a guy in pantyhose? So many guys calling that are obsessed with pantyhose. Either me wearing them, or just as likely, themselves wearing a pair as they masturbate. Personally, I always found them restrictive and hot and not at all fun to wear, I hated them, and wore them everyday for years when I was in highlights since I preferred skirts to pants. Now, I wear my skirts so long and with boots, so knee highs more than suffice. I’ve yet to in the 6 years I’ve been an operator talk to a guy with a knee high fetish!

Many guys love the feeling of the nylons against their cocks. I can understand the ones that like a woman in stockings and a garter belt, if the lady has a sexy figure, it is a hot look for sure. Some are so into pantyhose, they want to even fuck the woman while wearing them, either them wearing them, or the lady, just tear a hole and you’re good to go. I’d want skin to skin contact, but to these fetishists, nylons are the hottest things going.

It’s a harmless fetish, no doubt about it. Not gross, or weird, or distasteful. Not very masculine though if they want to wear them. Many women wouldn’t be able to handle a guy that wanted to wear pantyhose themselves prancing around in them before or even during sex. I guess that’s something you’d have to come to terms with, if it was ok with you.

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