Getting Personal


A taboo for many in the phone sex world is getting overly involved with clients. Some clients get very wrapped up in their fantasies and think they are falling in love with the girl they are talking to and not the real person behind that voice. And though more rare, operators can get overly involved with clients as well. One of the first other operators I talked to had only had two involvements with clients, one had gone very badly and the client she agreed to meet put her in the hospital for 6 weeks. The second one she ended up marrying.

So things do happen and lines do get crossed. Many companies don’t allow contact off site between clients and workers and I don’t agree with that, people are adults and should have the freedom to choose to play with who they wish without worrying about their job. It’s difficult when you find someone you like, and it’s rare, that you know they are off limits. When you pick up the phone and are right off the bat in an intimate conversation things can get heated and quickly.

Taking clients personal never seems to work out though. Once they get you for free on your own time you seem to lose the appeal for some reason, so it never seems to go the way you want it to. I guess people just do not value that which is free and you always think this client will be different. Most girls are so cold they wouldn’t let themselves fall for these guys anyway, but I guess there are some softies out there still.

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