May I Call You A Cunt?


Swearing isn’t that big of a taboo really, yet to some men certain words act like absolute triggers. I think their mom’s must have told them certain words were absolute no no’s and that’s why they appeal is so great. Some like to call me names and ask before if it’s ok if they call me a cunt, I say sure, I’ve been called names and not paid for it, so knock yourself out.

Another man loves to hear the word fuck over and over as much as possible. He’s also into spanking, so I think when he was young, his mom might have spanked him for saying “bad words”. Words do have a power, when you think of someone that swears too much, like Ozzy Osbourne, that’s a bit much, every other word being that takes away the power and the effectiveness of a well placed powerful word and just makes them seem like a nit wit that can’t speak properly.

Swear words are usually fine in the bedroom, at work not so much. Some are offended by others that talk too much trash, it can make a man seem aggressive, overly so, and a woman seem common. I’m one to talk, I’ve always had a salty mouth and since I got into this line of work it’s even more so. My mom has said I talk like a longshoreman more than once! Oh well, at least I work from home and the cats don’t seem to mind too much, so I’m not offending too many people and as I said many clients like it. Even ask for it, they like to hear me say the naughty words as well, seems hot to them to get a lady to say words perhaps their wife or girlfriend will not.

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