Breast Feeding And Sexual Arousal


Something many might find taboo and not even wish to consider is that a good percentage of women, nearly half by some reports, get aroused while breastfeeding their babies. It’s not something ones like to think about, because anything that has to do with children and sex and adults causes uneasy feelings to crop up. Breastfeeding is just that-feeding, not sexual, but many women have sensitive breasts and their pre child rearing days in their sex lives may have included a lot of breast play and or pleasure.

Over half of ones that experienced any feelings of arousal also felt guilt, since they know it’s not right to feel aroused while doing that. But Mother Nature must make some things pleasurable or else why would we do them? If it was a horrible, painful experience would we endure it? Some wouldn’t, so there has to be some enticement biologically for it to feel good. I have never breastfed, so I cannot say how it stirs up unexpected physical responses. The body often has a mind of its own and we cannot stop a physical reaction even if in our minds it is not proper to have that.

Some women do struggle with this if they feel any arousal. Some even call it erotic and seek to have their husbands satisfy them if they have gotten aroused by breastfeeding. It must be a difficult situation to be in. If it became too problematic, I’d say to give the baby the benefits of the breast milk, but use a pump and bottle feed it to them. I recall seeing an interview once with a mother and she said she’d even had an orgasm while breastfeeding, and there was guilt with that. It’s much more common a situation that mothers realize, yet they are loathe to bring it up with their Dr. for fear of seeming abnormal or a threat to their child in any way.

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