Jungle Fever

Many look at interracial relationships as a taboo. Well, not so much now, but only until very recently have many peoples outlook on this changed.

Even ones that are concerned with appearing politically correct, if it came right down to it, would they be fine if their white daughter brought home a black instead of a white?

Some women prefer black men, since black men can exhibit a confidence some white men can be lacking. And of course there’s the thought that black men have higher sex drives and larger penises to please a woman with. Some white men are looked on as weak. How many white men are wanting to see their women fucked by big, huge, black dicks? According to my callers I get, a good number. I have yet to talk to a black man that wants to see his woman fucked in front of him by a white guy though……

Some white men are just in awe of the physical power some black men have. The sexual prowess. They find it very intimidating, yet arousing to witness.

Many black women are non too thrilled to see the black men so taken wit the white women, since who does that leave them with? It is a point of contention for many black women that white women have taken over “their men”.

Some people will also just be the type to always be attracted to that with is sort of forbidden, something that will attract attention of others and make them be in the spotlight. That is just some peoples nature.

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