When the Cat’s Away, The Mice Will Play…

To combine two taboos, someone I spoke to this week was a voyeur and into his step mom. He said he came home early and heard noises and went to see what the noise was, and it was his step mom masturbating.

His father goes away on business a lot and she’s quite a bit younger than his father and apparently quite a horny cougar. He’s in college and it’s all he can do not to go creeping into her bedroom when his dad is away on these business trips, and he said he’s seen her staring at him as well. He got up early the other morning and went downstairs thinking she was fast asleep and he had a raging hardon making a tent in his boxers and she was sitting at the kitchen table when he went down to get himself a coffee and she looked right at it and back up at his eyes and smiled.

He acted all embarrassed and walked back upstairs and furiously jerked off thinking how he wanted her to go over to him and drop to her knees in front of him and suck him off and have him give her a facial right there in the kitchen.

I told him if his dad was away so much and neglecting his wife and she was willing, why not? They could likely keep it a secret, they could help each other out. So why not? Daddy isn’t getting the job done, so why not fuck like animals as soon as he leaves the next time? I think he’s contemplating it and he ma make his move the next business trip…

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