Salty Mouth

Dirty talk for some can be very arousing. Naughty words, swearing, cursing, many names for the same thing. I just had a caller who just wanted me to repeat the word “fuck” over and over. I’m betting when he grew up, swearing was not tolerated at all and was possibly even punished. I have had other callers as well that just love me to call them names or say “bad words”. Motherfucker, prick, bastard, cocksucker, fuck, fucker, son of a bitch, all kinds of things.

Many would say they just love to her a woman say “cunt”, and another loved hearing me say “masturbate or masturbation”. It’s kind of quaint really, they likely were growing up where such words were more than frowned upon, and now because it was forbidden, it’s the ultimate turn on for so many. On my “fuck” call, I must have said it dozens of times and he repeated it back, it seems silly really to able to please someone with just saying swear words, but it’s certainly easy to please one that asks for something so simple and harmless.

My mom has told me my vocabulary has certainly become more colorful since I’ve gotten into this line of work! I talk like a longshoreman, how can I help it when every other word out of my mouth is cock, pussy, cunt, and fuck!? It’s a challenge when I’m out in public to keep it in check. Many dislike hearing a woman swear in public, as it makes her appear common, which I tend to agree with, even though I personally find it hard to watch my own mouth. I guess my mouth is best suited to a bedroom with a horny man inside that likes to hear curse words. After all, so many find it arousing…..


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