I Watched Him Masturbate

I know it’s naughty to watch someone when they do not know they are being watched. It’s an invasion of their privacy they did not consent to, but many of us either have done it or would do it, given the chance. I was not supposed to be home so early, I guess that’s why my roommate didn’t bother to shut his door when he decided to masturbate after having a shower. I got back home when he was in the shower, I could hear the water running. I went to my room to unpack and when I came out to tell him I was back from my weekend away a bit early, I saw him laying on his bed on his back in a towel. I was about to walk in when I saw his hand move down to his bulge and give a squeeze.

I stood there, frozen. He was about to masturbate and I know I should have turned around and gone back to my room, but I just stood there. He pulled open his towel and his large cock sprang upwards, demanding attention. He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube and drizzled some on his hand and rubbed it all over his swollen knob. I could feel a tingle between my legs as I watched him. I heard him sigh with pleasure as he stroked himself, slowly at first, then a bit faster. His bed squeaked a bit as he got more and more aroused and he moved faster.

I stood there watching his hand move swiftly up and down his hard shaft, his breath becoming more jagged and quick. He was approaching climax and I could not stop watching him. I was so afraid he’d hear the floor creak if I moved and know I was there watching him when I wasn’t even supposed to be home yet. He groaned and a few jets of cum shot up and landed on his stomach. He wiped it off with Kleenex and I crept away down the hall. Hopefully he’d fall asleep soon. I masturbated in my bed thinking of him touching himself.

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