Lock it Up

It’s not uncommon to find men that wish to be kept in chastity. One frequent caller told me he wishes I could be the keyholder for his chastity device. He said he’s been training himself to cum via dildos up his ass and he wishes a real man would fuck him. He’s a virgin of nearly thirty years of age with zero confidence. He would like to watch a woman get fucked in front of him and then have the man fuck him, while his penis is contained in a cock cage, so he’s unable to masturbate. He said he’s been able to make himself cum with the dildos, he can only image what getting fucked by a real cock would be like.

I suggested he try a butt plug, for an even more full sensation than the dildo provides. Some have revealed they wear butt plugs for hours and hours on end. One can only wonder if they are stretching themselves and may in the future need adult diapers due to this, dreadful thought that is. Oh well, it’s their own backside to destroy as they wish, consequences be damned. One even called me while he was driving and claimed to have a butt plug in while he was and he claimed it had been in for six hours. No idea what the average length of time is for one to wear one, but six hours seems a long time!

Cock cages are more popular than one would imagine. Ones asking for keyholders are also pretty common. Some online programs let strangers access the locking mechanism and it’s all done remotely, they don’t need to actually mail you a key to keep their junk locked up. What will they think of next? I think random locking would be funny, where they were wearing them and thought they could get out at any time, only to have someone else actually be in control of it.

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