My Son Fucked My Ass

Years ago when my son was in his teens, we were away visiting friends for the weekend and there were not enough bedrooms for us to each have one. It was a pretty full house. They even had another guest on the sofa, so they asked if it was ok for us to share a bed and bedroom. I didn’t want my son to have to sleep on the hard floor, so I thought nothing of letting him share the queen sized bed with me. Most teenage boys are of course very horny, this is no surprise. I was however the one that got the surprise.

I was asleep and was wakened by something poking me in the back. It didn’t take me long to figure out it was my son’s hard cock. He must have been having an erotic dream and was having a hard on. He’d snuggled close to me as I slept and I wasn’t aware of how close until I felt him hard against me, and his arm draped over me, his hand resting on my breast. I moved his arm and he woke up, apologizing for how close he’d gotten to me. I said it was fine and then he remarked how horny he was. I told him I knew, from his hard, young cock burying itself between my ass cheeks.

I told him I was horny as well. Without another word, he slipped my panties off of me and he took his hard cock and ran it up and down the crack of my ass, nestling it against my asshole and slowly he pushed it in. I could feel his hardness go into me and I gasped, but did not tell him to stop. Soon we were fucking hard and hoping the others wouldn’t hear the slight squeaking of the bedsprings with each thrust. He came inside me as I fingered my own clit, bringing myself off. He pulled out and went to sleep. The next day it all seemed like a dream, maybe it was, I don’t know. We never mentioned it again.

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