Pantyhose Men

Pantyhose are quite popular for men to have a fetish over, and not just seeing them on ladies with fabulous legs. Some men are into wearing them themselves. Many got the kink for this when they saw mommy wearing them and were enthralled by their silky smoothness against their hands, when they were youngsters underfoot. The love of that sheer, silky fabric never left them and many went routing through mommy’s hamper to find the worn hose when they began to masturbate. They would either try them on or rub them on their cock, feeling so deliciously naughty as they did so.

Some pantyhose now are even specifically made for men, with a place to put their cock. Some want to fuck a woman as she’s wearing them, tearing a hole to fuck through them, or even wear them themselves, so both parties are wearing them. The idea of a foot job by a nylon covered foot is an appealing one for ones into feet. Some of these callers are more up to date on pantyhose brands than the ladies are! They know and love the different types, like sandalfoot, that’s the kind with no darker reinforced toe, stockings with the seams up the back, all kinds of pretty sorts.

I remember a friend of my grandmother wore the type that also had a reinforced heel on them, It looked like a diamond shape had been sewn on the heel area. The callers into hose know about all kinds of these and how they jerked off to one pair or another that belonged to various ladies in their lives that wore them. Some have a stolen collection, taken from these ladies, everyone from their grandmother and sister, to neighbor and mom of a friend. They can be shameless in their pursuit of new pantyhose and stockings from various ladies to masturbate with and add to their collections.

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