Have You Had Lesbian Encounters?

One of the top things callers ask on the phone is if you have had same sex encounters. Guys seem to love the idea of two women getting it on, especially in front of them before they join in. It’s amazing how many are into this. Yet if you asked the same number of women, I seriously doubt they would be asking men if they have had encounters with other men and want all the gory details. It highly turns most men on, yet women do not want the same in kind it seems. The idea of watching two beautiful, fit, shapely women pawing one another and licking one another drives them crazy.

One caller used to tell me he pretty much only watched lesbian porn, it turned him on like nothing else did. It just got his cock so hard to see two ladies going down on one another and using a strap on with one another. Do you enjoy seeing ladies slide their fingers in and out of one another’s cunts and lick each others clits and their hard nipples rub against one another? I bet yes. In fact, you’re probably getting hard just reading that and picturing it, aren’t you?

You want to hear about that hot college roommate we had and how we masturbated with one another and when we didn’t have a current boyfriend, how we did even more to “help each other out.” You’d love to have been a fly on that wall, watching all the naughty things that went on, how we shared our sex toys and watched each other get off on a regular basis. The darkened room echoing with our heavy breathing as we masturbated and hoped ones outside the room wouldn’t hear what was going on in there. Give us a call to find out, you just might be surprised.

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