My Gymnastics Coach Deflowered Me

When I was in school, I was big into gymnastics. I was flexible, and one of the best students. The coach really took a personal interest in me. He was over double my age, and yet we were soon very close, much closer than I ever would have wanted my parents to know about. He’s the one I first had sex with. I loved it and he used my flexible body in ways that normal girls wouldn’t be able to accomplish. The positions we tried were incredible. Now that I’m older and not as flexible, I can appreciate the positions we were able to do even more. He really knew how to make me cum.

He taught me so much. Not only was he a great gymnastics coach, he was a wonderful sex teacher as well. Many would say our relationship was not right, that it was inappropriate and wrong, but I wanted to be doing everything we did and I was happy to do it. He taught me so much. I learned how to give the best oral sex from him telling me just how to please a man. He would please me just as much, going down on my pussy and then fucking me.

I used to challenge myself to try the most incredible sexual positions. I knew he’d been in relationships with other students before he met me, and he said I was the best student he ever had, and the most flexible. He used to joke and say my bones were made out of rubber. Looking back on those days decades ago, I can’t help but wish I had some of that same level of excitement in my own life now, but the fond memories are there. I often think of the hot times we had when I masturbate even now, so many years later.

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