The Hot Biker

Not long ago I ran out of gas in my car and had to walk a ways to find some place wit some gas. I walked around a half hour and found a gas station and a beat up looking bar. I went into the bar to see if the service station guy was in there and he was. He came out and sold me some gas and he offered me a ride back to my car so I didn’t have to walk back. The thing was, he was talking about a bike, not a car. I was a bit nervous to get on a bike, but he said it was quiet, slow on the roads, and we’d be there quickly. So I agreed.

The thing I wasn’t expecting was the vibrations from the bike on my pussy had kind of aroused me and for some reason I told him about that and he laughed and said many women had told him that over the years. He poured the gas in the car and I kissed him to thank him, and one thing quickly led to another and I was soon spread over the hood of the car with his dick in my now overly excited pussy.

He was muscular and string, and could handle my body and he lifted me up and just gave that hard cock to me as he lifted me up off the hood. I was so turned on and he just kept fucking me over and over. I sure was glad no one drove up the road and saw me fucking on the car hood like some kind of bitch in heat. He made me cum hard and I was left with his load inside of me as well. He got back on his bike and rode off into the night like some kind of fantasy man.

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