Sexual Obsession

One regular caller is quite obsessed with his ex girlfriend, who he hasn’t seen in years, and also her mother. There’s also a neighbor and a totally made up woman as well in his fantasies. He loves to hear all of their names repeated a lot during the call. He claims his penis is small and that’s why the girlfriend left him, and he likes to think she told her mother and neighbor about his tiny dick and they all have a good laugh about it behind his back. The need for humiliation in men with a small penis seems to run very deep.

At this point, it’s hard to imagine any man with a small penis NOT craving humiliation, since all the ones that call do. Surely there’s men out there that would be hurt, insulted, upset if you made fun of their shortcomings to another person and they heard back about it, or if you even laughed at them. The small penis guys will often talk about an incident that happened decades ago that had a big impression on them. Some woman laughed and they have relived that moment thousands of times in their minds. Now they actively seek out new women to laugh that haven’t yet heard of their undersized member.

I tell this man many statements, such as, “She wouldn’t want you, your dick is too small.” “Her mother wouldn’t want you either, even though she’s old, sh could still do better than a tiny dicked loser like you.” “They told the neighbor about your tiny penis and they all have a good laugh about how small it really is.” His craving for these affirmation statements is incredible. Hour after hour of relating how this crowd of women belittles him. Women he hasn’t seen in years, that he was likely not important enough for them to even remember, yet whom he thinks of every single time he masturbates to this day.

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