He Sucked His Dick

The number of guys calling up that wish to be shamed for being a cocksucker is staggering. So many either have done it in the past, or are doing so presently. Lots of them have smaller than average penises, but many are normal sized and just want to suck dick. Claims of trips to glory holes abound. One caller last night said he found out his girlfriend was sleeping with another man, he knew it had to be because his own cock was so small. He told her he knew, but he wasn’t mad. He knew it was because of his size.

He told her he’d welcome the man into their bedroom to fuck in front of him. Of course this soon led to him sucking off the girlfriends lover. Is it a true story? Doubtful, but if it turns him on, of course you go along and act as if every word is the truth. He said how much larger the guy’s dick was than his, and how he was hesitant to do it at first, but it did not take long to be an acquired taste for him and him asking the girlfriend to bring the other man over more frequently.

He said he felt he’d missed out on years of orally satisfying men, that he wished he’d come to this all sooner. Better late than never. He said the feeling of satisfaction he gets holding the man’s penis in his hand and licking it up one side and down the other and then popping the entire thing into his mouth and tasting its sweet precum. He’s quite in love with giving blow jobs it seems. With his own size issues, it might be better if he did turn to other men to please, since it’s unlikely he’d ever be able to truly satisfy a woman with the tiny dick he’s got.

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