Sexual Trust

My current lover is a bit on the kinky side and I must say, I love it. Sex is spontaneous, refreshing, and very exciting. He likes to walk on the wild side and I’m pretty vanilla, so when one coaxes you over to a darker side to try new things, it can be very arousing. He asked me if I’d ever tried being tied up or blindfolded and I said no, but I was willing to try. I could tell he was well practiced at it from the way he tied me and handled me. I trusted him, I was not afraid. He said to give in and just allow him to guide me and I did. I surrendered to him fully.

He teased me and brought me to the bring of orgasm several times by licking me and then stopping. He made me beg to be allowed to cum. It was surprisingly hot to do so and then when he knew I was at peak frustration, he commanded me to cum and I did. It was even more incredibly hot than our regular sex was. I liked having him in control and loved how he made me beg. He just wanted to give me pleasure.

I then felt him climb on top of me and rub his cock head against my clit without sliding it in. It was dripping wet, and I loved how it felt with him doing this. I finally felt him slide into me and tell me not to move, not to wrap my legs around him, not to buck up against him, he would do it all. He moved in such a way I could lay there motionless, without exerting any energy, and enjoy his passionate administrations. He made me cum several times incredibly hard. Surrendering to your man can be a very powerful sensation, in the hands of the right man.

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