Rough Fucking

My new boyfriend likes things a bit rough in the bedroom. I kind of link it. The first time we had sex, I wasn’t sure what to think. I had some marks on me the next day, but I grew to like it. He handled me very firmly, but not abusively and he told me to always say to stop if I wanted him to, but I found I enjoyed it. He would wrap his hand around my throat as we fucked and squeeze. He’d pinch my nipples until I’d cry out. I got used to his handling and he began to spank me and I liked it.

Sometimes a firm spanking before sex can absolutely heighten the arousal of fucking, especially if he fucks me from behind and gives me a few swats as we do it. He makes me feel like a helpless little girl at times and when I do as he tells me to he calls me his good girl. It makes me so wet when he calls me that. I love to serve him and it makes me feel very submissive and that I want to please him, which I very much do. I’ve never had a sexual relationship like this one before. It’s always been equal with me and other men. He definitely has the control in the sexual department here and I love surrendering it to him.

I’ve had better, stronger and more frequent orgasms with this partner than I’ve ever had before. He’s awakened something within me I did not know was there. It can be scary in a way to learn you like something you never knew you would like before. It just takes the right person to bring it out. Worshiping his cock makes me feel complete. I love pleasing him and in turn pleasing myself by being his wanton slave.

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