Resuming Cocksucking

So many are starting to come out of months of lockdowns, casual sex hookups are on the upswing again. The cocksuckers out there have been craving cock for months and are just now able to get some again. One caller told me today he’d treated himself and gotten himself a paid masseur, a black man. Now this was likely all in his fantasies I am sure, since he said the man told him nearly all male clients end up sucking him off or getting fucked by the masseur up the ass. So it’s a lot more even than the standard happy ending that many speak of. Sounds like a combination masseur and escort.

He said the price goes up for the second appointment, since most of the men that go to him as so taken with his big, black cock, they will immediately become entranced with it and want many more repeat appointments. The black masseur must really be raking it in, according to what this man told me. Fucking and getting sucked with the occasional body rub and all for fistfuls of cash. He’s been turning them all into BBC bitches!

He said when he was on his stomach getting his back rubbed he soon felt his ass cheeks open and a huge cock getting stuffed inside of him, ya, ok, sure I believe that, lol. The things these characters come up with is something else, and they say it with such conviction and sincerity it’s hard not to laugh at times, but it’s their dime, so carry on. He said he’d be calling the man back soon to get fucked again for his massage appointment. That big dick he got was too good to let just be a one time thing. So ones that have been craving sucking cock are finally beginning to go out hunting again for it.

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