The Long Weekend Away

I went away this past weekend. I’d had enough of the snow and the cold. I went down South and had three wild days and nights that has revived me for what I expect will be the rest of the winter. I went looking for fun and I found it. The hotel I went to was nothing but singles looking for fun and boy, was there a lot to be had! The first night I was there, there was a barbecue on the beach and I met lots of good looking and fit guys. Most had come with a buddy or two.

I really liked this one guy and his friend, so we spent several hours together over dinner and drinks. As the night wore on I honestly could not decide between the two and I told them just this. I found them both attractive and sexy and I wanted them both. They looked at one another and then back at me and said they had no objections if I wanted to have a threesome with them. I was totally up for it. I started by jerking them both off at the same time as they next to one another on my king sized bed. Things were off to a good start.

I then worked my mouth down and they both got a blow job from me as well, alternating who’s cock was in my mouth, then I got on top of one and rode one while I sucked the other and then they switched. Fun and debauchery was had by all. I loved fucking and pleasing the both of them. I must say, I did not get a lot of sleep that weekend, but I sure got a lot of cock! I made several friends down there. Not sure if we will ever see one another again, but it will be one fond memory, that’s for sure.

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