Making Him Comfortable

Recently my boyfriend hurt his back while working, and the only comfortable sexual position was with him on his back. I don’t mind riding him, but the one on top is the one doing all work. He’s a good man though, so I do not mind at all. I have even gotten myself some sexy lingerie since he’s looking up at me as I ride him. I love to grind my clit on his cock and have him play with my tits. His cock is rather large, and with me riding him, I can more easily control how much goes inside of me.

I got these hot crotchless panties so I can keep the lingerie on comfortably as we fuck. I love when he holds open my pussy lips, spreading them fully, exposing my clit so when I rock back and forth on him my clit gets the full rub of his cock against it. I also love him licking my pussy when I straddle his face. It makes my clit stick out more when I sit on his face than when I’m on my back, especially when we are in the sixty nine position and I love to take his big dick down my throat as he caresses my sweet, dripping pussy with his talented tongue.

We’ve been experimenting more with riding reverse cowgirl as well, which lets me play with his balls, and sometimes he spanks me in that position as well. His back should be better in a few months, so until then we will just have to make due with me being the one on top, whether for oral or intercourse. He’s not complaining and we have had some wonderful sexy nights. I gave him a tit fuck the other night and he loved it. My warm, voluminous tits wrapped around his hard shaft and me bouncing them up and down until I had his cum dripping down my chin. We will manage with this temporary situation just fine.

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