The Tailor Touched Me

I had a custom made dress done recently by a local tailor. I’d bought a dress I really liked a year ago and asked him to copy it in a different fabric and he did a great job. When he was measuring me though, his hands…….wandered. He fondled my breasts and caressed my ass. He was one of these touchy, feely Italian types, you know the ones. He comes from a long line of tailors, so it’s the family business he has learned his entire life. I think measuring and touching women’s bodies for fitting sort of makes him feel a bit entitled to take liberties.

He is a nice looking man though, so I didn’t slap his hand or tell him to cool it. I just sort of let him do his thing, as I have a feeling many of his clients do. He leaned in and whispered he thought I was beautiful and would I like to come by for a drink after work? I can’t say I was surprised, and he did intrigue me, so I agreed. He lived not far from the tailor shop, so I went back after work and he invited me in and had wine and cheese for me.

I sat down and we chatted and snacked and drank and then he made his move. He began kissing my neck and his hand was soon under my skirt, stroking me through my panties, which were now growing damp at his attentions. He rubbed my pussy, sliding his fingers under my panties and rubbing my stiff clit in my wet cunt until I creamed all over his hand and he made me cum and I gave him a sloppy wet blow job. I did have a good time and I expect we will be seeing more of one another and that we will fuck the next time we meet.

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