Let’s Pretend

One thing some couples do to spice up their relationships is engage in various types of roleplays. One fun one is meeting at a bar and pretending you’ve never met one another before. You will meet this sexy stranger and end up having hot sex, but not acting as yourselves. You can pretend to be all sorts of things. Not just at a bar either. Maybe one night you open the door and there’s a man there holding a pizza you hadn’t ordered. Lots of possibilities for you and your lover to explore and enjoy.

The same old thing can get boring night after night, so its no wonder some like to shake things up. Some even go so far as costumes and props. Variety is always a good thing to keep things fresh. Now maybe your partner might burst out laughing if you answered the door in some costume, but others might really go for it and a hot night of steamy sex resulting. Maybe have a talk with your partner beforehand and see if something like this interests them before going out and spending money on some costume.

The idea of being taken and raped appeals to some women. They don’t want a stranger or real violence of course, but if a boyfriend or husband suddenly came up behind them as they were getting in their car, put their hand over their mouth and shoved them in the backseat and had their way with them, things might get pretty steamy for an unexpected quickie like that. You can get wet very fast when you are aroused, even in a minute if the stimulus is right. See how you might like it, and call to enact a steamy roleplay you might have in mind, you just might find yourself hard, horny and ready to go.

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