He’s Been Cucked

One of my many tiny dicked callers that’s being cuckolded called to tell me his wife is expecting. Guess what color the baby shall be? Not white, according to him. She has a big, black boyfriend that cums a lot, not the two to three dribbles he squirts out when he cums. He’s not allowed to fuck her anymore anyway. He hasn’t for years. His sex life consists of masturbation and watching her fuck Tyrone, lol. He feels like such an inadequate loser. He is an inadequate loser, I tell him. His job is good, so he’s a good provider, but a more passive, beta cuck you could not find.

It’s no surprise to me whatsoever his wife turned to another man. His penis is all of two inches long. He sent me pics of it, it’s just a nub really. Tyrone is pushing nearly ten inches. He licks the cum out of his wife’s stretched out pussy after her evenings of debauchery with her fit personal trainer she met at the gym. The poor cuck is paying the man fucking his wife. It doesn’t really get sadder than that. Once the nappy hair coffee colored kid arrives, he’s worried all his friends, family and coworkers will get the real picture of what’s going on within his sham of a marriage.

Oh well, I haven’t any sympathy for him. He loves to feel sorry for him self and his little penis that he’s been shortchanged with. The wife has it pretty good being supported by him, looked after sexually by the trainer, she won’t be asking for a divorce. I just laugh at him and tell him what a failure he really is. He just whimpers and agrees as he rubs his pitiful cock. So many worms out there, it’s hard to comprehend the sorry state of men today.

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