BBC For Sluts

Sometimes black callers will tell how they prefer white women to fuck more than any other, since they seem to be the sluttiest. Black women apparently are just not as dirty as the white ho’s who will pretty much spread for anything or anyone. This caller claims to have a nine inch cock, and has no shortage of white women ready to fuck him. Most white guys are nowhere near that size, so they are curious about how different it actually is with a black guy and he’s more than happy to educate them about it.

They have never been stretched open to the degree that a black cock can open them up, so it’s a whole new experience for them. One woman he dated was married to a man with a three inch penis, and she’d never been with anyone else. She took one look at his nine incher and her jaw fell open in shock. She’d never watched porn and had no idea a penis could be that big. He soon educated her and ruined her pussy for the tiny dicked hubby. She never told the husband of course, but she was surely looser than when she’d been with him the last time.

He loves introducing white women that have never been with a black man before to the huge black cock. They hold it and stare at it in wonder, first wondering how they will fit it into their tight pussies. He says it’s fun to make them cum harder than they ever have before and he loves feeling how tight their unstretched pussies can feel around his cock. He never tires of the sensation and doesn’t even bother with black women anymore, they are a poor comparison he said to the white women and their slutty ways. Drilling some bleached blonde slut in her boyfriend’s bed is one of his favorite things to do, and he has no intention of stopping now.

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