Mother Nature Knows Best

We all know Peter Pan is the boy who never grew up. In many countries, I will use The United States and Canada, North America, as our countries of example for this blog, age of consent is a hotbed topic for many.

Lawmakers do not seem to want to acknowledge that children and teens have sex lives and sexual feelings, so they have placed the age of consent usually between 16-18. Most teens are certainly doing things well below these ages.

The girl that was my best friend in my early teen years was sneaking her boyfriend in after her parents went to sleep, she was 15, and no child. Granted the guy she was sneaking in was her own age and not a 45 year old, but still, even if he had been, she was a very independent girl capable of making her own choices in regards to her sexuality.

Until recently, within the last few years, Canada’s age of consent was 14, that certainly seems reasonable to me. Many at that age are more than capable of deciding what they do and do not want. I’m not saying a 14 year old could in most cases be able to live alone and support themselves, obviously not, but they know if they want to be with someone.

The idea of criminalizing love and attraction is insane to me. Throughout most of history girls were married in early teen years. Yes, we live older than 30 today, and lives are longer, but it seems silly to me that for most of history people were considered able to make choices for themselves at younger ages than is now allowed. No one wants 13 year olds to be getting married, but they are capable of more legal freedoms than they have.

You read so often of these cases of female teachers getting in trouble for having sex with 15-17 year old male students and how they make them register as child sex offenders and are criminals. To me this is laughable, as if they were putting a gun to the head of the young man they were sleeping with. It’s likely one of the highlights of his life for heaven’s sake!

Some things I will never grasp. Common sense sure isn’t common, and it seems lawmakers don’t ever want “children” to grow up. Why not let Mother Nature be the one dictating, people physically mature when things are supposed to evolve sexually. Lawmakers would have us believe we are all playing with dolls and race cars and suddenly on our 18th birthday all is now ok. It’s insanity to me.

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