Pound Me From Behind

Most ladies will tell you, clit stimulation from behind is a bit more intense than from the front, so doggy style sex is a popular position for both parties. Most guys will list it as their favorite sexual position, there’s a real basic, primitive appeal to it. It can be a really great fuck to get pounded from behind, certainly a bit more physically exhausting and involved than just laying there. It’s physical, it’s intense and it can make your loins explode with pleasure. My boyfriend always loves that position, and I like to do it standing up rather than on all fours. You can lift your leg or foot a lot more easily to change positions that way.

Even masturbating can be fun standing up and doing it from behind if you’re using a toy or the water massager in the shower so the stream of water gets your clit from behind, there’s just an intensity to it that doing it from the front lacks. I like having my ass spanked when in that position as well. Your partner can really give you a good smack on the ass or really pull you hard back onto that cock of his by squeezing your tits and pinching your nipples.

You can easily stimulate your own clit in that position, or your partner can reach forward and do it for you, or you can hold a toy against your clit while you’re getting fucked. Even doggy style sex in the shower, you can aim the stream of water from the shower massager on a hose on your clit. Some of it might spray on your partners balls as well, which they also might find adds to their excitement. You won’t always want the same position of course, but as a good one, doggy style sex has some good benefits to it.

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