Memories of Babysitting


I had some wild adventures in my youth, babysitting was one of them. Now babysitting in and of itself isn’t too wild, but wild things happened as a result of my doing it. One night the couple I was babysitting for was out pretty late. I’d put the kids to bed and laid down on their bed to rest for a while. I fell asleep and when they came home and discovered me there, well, some naughty ideas came to them. I was wakened up by hands roaming all over me and was a bit shocked.

It honestly was a bit exciting to be wakened up in such a manner. They were soon stripping their clothes off, and mine. I did not protest or wish to stop. I was enjoying this unique experience. I never dreamed I’d have a threesome with the couple I babysat for. The husband soon offered me his cock to suck, which I took and sucked on greedily. I felt my legs being parted by his wife, who was soon buried between my thighs, kissing my pussy lips and working her way towards my stiff little clit. I opened them further, and found I was already moist as she began to go down on me.

She made me cum with her mouth, and I was soon on all fours, the husband fucking me from behind, and the wife in front of me for me to lick this time. She was dripping wet. I’d never licked pussy before, but she told me just how to do it and it was wonderful. I loved the taste of cunt I found out, and I couldn’t believe I’d been awakened to have such hot sex like this. We all were moaning in ecstasy as we made one another cum over and over. Drained of our juices and all collapsed on the bed. We played many more times like this, and it was hot every time.

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