Cream My Faggot Ass

There’s no shortage of callers that want to discuss their same sex, homosexual experiences. Many started quite young with friends, jerking off together and then working up to more naughty things, like oral, or full on fucking. Some would only go so far and stop short of a full on fucking. One caller last night was telling me how one of his friends used to like to cum on his asshole after they’d rubbed their dicks together. They would be jerking off really close together and sometimes their cocks would touch, and of course they liked how that felt, so soon they were rubbing them together.

Their precum mixing, their young cocks so hard and throbbing, balls filling with cum, watching one another so intensely. Then he’d pull his knees up, exposing his ass, and his friend would squirt his load all over his tight, virgin asshole, the cum of his friend trickling down his ass. He was so aroused telling me about this, and I assured him so many young guys had played together at one point, it was downright commonplace. He hadn’t been aware I heard from so many that did.

He still thinks about those times during his jerk off sessions to this day, although he hasn’t played with another man since his college years. He’d of course never told his wife about any of it and knew she’d be upset if she found out, as many women would, so he’d kept it to himself all these years. He occasionally watched gay porn when he masturbated and made do with that, since he didn’t want to risk any real life possible complications disease wise or to his marriage, which is understandable. So many callers have had experiences they’ve never shared with the women in their lives, yet they share openly with we phone girls.

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