Gimme That Big, Nigger Dick

Black callers like to talk about the number of white women they have bagged and say what whore’s they are in comparison to black women. I hear that all the time. One called the other day claiming to have a fifteen inch cock, uh huh. Oh well, there’s plenty of size queens out there that would be more than willing to sample a hung, BBC of that size, or at least try their best.

What some people are not aware of is some white women who would otherwise be ashamed to take a black lover, is they at times go on vacation alone to places like the Caribbean and take a black lover for the length of their trip, there’s many men in these resort areas that are essentially gigolos to these women, and the women give them cash, pay for them to get their rent paid, car fixed, what have you, in exchange for them having sexual companionship during their trip, away from the prying and judgmental eyes of their friends and loved ones.

No one is going to know what or who they are doing when they are away out of the country for some number of days and they go back with their dirty, naughty secret, that had BBC every night, and likely morning and afternoon as well, and no one is any the wiser about it. Some of them may be older, fatter, less attractive to white North American males and they may be lacking for a husband or boyfriend at home, but when they go away for a week, they will be assured they will have their pick of young bucks to pick from, as long as they are footing the bill for the young lad. It’s an odd fact, yet very true, sexual tourism isn’t only for men.

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