Cock Sucking Secret

Recently I stayed with a friend for a few nights when my home was undergoing renovations and the plumbing was off for a few days, he was in town as well and said it was no trouble to stay with him, so I accepted. He’s also gay, which I knew and had no problem with, but one night after he assumed I’d already gone to sleep, there was a knock at his door and I did hear and went to my door to peek who it was and he had a drop in guest, a friend of his I’d met before and knew he’d been involved with for a while. Apparently they were still friends with benefits.

He sat on the sofa and his friend got on the floor in front of him and began to give him a blow job. I was very turned on watching this and began to masturbate as I watched them through the crack in my door. I turned the light off so it wouldn’t be as obvious I was spying on them. I could see the glistening wet head of his cock get sucked and licked over and over by his friend and he sure looked like he knew how to give a fantastic blow job, he looked better at it than I was!

I was stroking my clit watching this hot gay sex unfold not that far from my door and I was so aroused and was rubbing my clit faster and faster as I knew my friend on the sofa was about to cum, I could tell from his breathing he was getting closer and closer to cumming and I bit my lip when I came. It’s kind of difficult to remain on your feet and cum, for me anyway, I always start to buckle at the knees and want to collapse, but I managed to remain standing and not seen by either of them. I felt very naughty for standing there and watching, but I couldn’t stop myself.

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