Lipstick Lesbian Vacation

Recently I went away for a few days to a resort and seeing as I was away from anyone that knew me, I felt a bit more free. I had always been curious about girls sexually, but have never done anything with another girl and there was this good looking woman that was also staying at the resort and we got to be fast friends since we were down at the pool all the time and it didn’t take long when we were talking for some intimate conversations to come up. She flat out asked if I’d ever been with another girl and I said no, and then she asked if I’d like to be.

I didn’t take long to respond and say I’d always been curious. The pool was nearly deserted that day for some reason, most had seemed to wander down to the beach, but we preferred the pool area and she leaned over and kissed me. There was a lifeguard watching, but they didn’t really seem to care, I’m sure they saw lots of things overlooking a pool that could be considered not really appropriate for public areas, but we kissed and fondled over our swimsuits for a while before we headed to her room.

We went back there and soon were stripped out of our suits and laying naked on her bed and kissing and touching each other’s pussies. She was very wet and it was fun and different to touch another woman in a way I’d only before touched myself. We got each other off and she went down on me and I came again, I must say, it was really hot and unexpected. You feel a certain freedom when away from anyone that knows you and it will always be a fond memory of that week away down in the islands.

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