Feeling Up The Babysitter

I used to babysit a lot when I was younger to earn money and this one family I worked for at times, their son was quite precocious. As soon as we’d be alone he’d be asking me all kinds of sex questions and telling me how he rubbed his young cock at night. He was going to be a real heartbreaker in a few years, I knew that much. One night I was staying overnight when his parents were at an out of town wedding, and his little sister had been put to bed and was asleep already and he came into the room I was staying in and stated he wanted to see my pussy.

I couldn’t believe the nerve of this kid being so forward! He said he’d seen pics of one, but never a real one up close and he wanted to, I told him to leave, but I was kind of laughing at his nerve in asking like that. Rather than leave, he closed the door behind him, with him on the inside. He walked closer to me and peeled the covers off of me. I just had on my white cotton panties and a nightshirt. I don’t know why I didn’t stop him, but I didn’t.

He pulled the nightshirt up and exposed my panty covered pussy and started to lightly run his fingers over the crotch and it did feel good, there’s no doubt about it. After a while he pulled them off and just stared at my cunt and then resumed touching me with his fingers. I told him how to rub me and within a few minutes I had an orgasm. I knew I shouldn’t have done that, or rather let him do that to me, but he did want to see and he did make the first move. We played like this several times over the next couple of years, and it was always hot.

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