Huge Dildo For You

Every time a client says they have a huge dildo up their ass, I kind of roll my eyes, but then some have sent pics and a couple I’ve even watched on cam and by God, they aren’t exaggerating! You wonder how the human body could withstand such an anal punishment, and yet some can make it fit. Makes you wonder about the stretching damage they are doing and if they will soon be in diapers because of it, but I guess that is their problem and not mine.

One has sent pics of a dildo that’s actually crafted after the cock of an actual horse, as in the size of it, the length and the girth. There was that infamous case many years ago about the man in Washington state that died after letting a horse fuck him, oh well, if that’s what you want to do, just don’t hurt the horse in the process. I’ve declined talking to a handful of men over the years that wished to talk about horses, sorry, not gonna happen with this girl. I’d think the realistic dildos is perhaps their better option here.

Some want to not only use them on themselves, but watch a woman take in a toy that size as well. Not sure how many gals are into that, but there are size queens out there that will be pleased to try, not a doubt about it. Bring lots of lube if this sort of thing is what you are aiming to try. Going in dry seems like it could be one of the worst things ever, the whole thing seems awful to most people to take something the size of a forearm up your ass, but hey, someone, somewhere will no doubt like to give it the old college try.

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